Pure Mineral Hi-Phos Pre and Post Calver Mineral Block

Containing all the major and minor mineral and trace element nutrients essential for cattle, pre and post calving.


A pure mineral pre and post calving lick fortified with the essential nutrients Iodine, Selenium and Copper in a palatable SEAWEED-EXTRACT based block.

Each block contains the minerals:

  • Phosphorous 5%
  • Magnesium 5%
  • Calcium 3.7%
  • Sodium 22%

In addition to all the essential trace elements necessary for the cow and calf, pre and post calving.


Each block will supplement 2 cattle for up to two months.


Unique non-molasses 10kg mineral block makes for handy and convenient placements.


Non molasses based block.
Highly palatable.

Product Information

Available in 10kg blocks. Each block will supplement cattle for up to two months.