Milk Replacer Optimylac
Fortify 6
Stockman’s Edge Grass Seed
Moregrass Grass Seeds
Mineral Buckets


Who We Are

Agway Milling Ltd was established in 1987.  Our company has over 30 years experience of trading with both farmers and merchants in Ireland.

Agway Milling Ltd. specialise in:

Grass Seeds: Agway and More Grass range of seed. We deliver nationwide.

Ruminant Compound Feeds: We have a range of compound feeds for beef and dairy farmers.

Fortify 6:  Trace elements for grass. It provides essential Copper, Selenium, Iodine, Cobalt, Zinc and Calcium.

Silage Additives: SweetSile silage additive for grass silage.

Milk Replacers :  pro heifer, pro calf & county products milk replacers

Nitroslurry: NitroSlurry accelerates the breakdown of animal waste and plant fibre in the slurry.

Prosil: Silage additive for maize and whole crop.

Minerals: Full range of powder minerals in bags, buckets, blocks, tablets, boluses and trace elements in grassland.

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