Agway Heifer

Agway Heifer

A high-performance Milk Replacer for calves.

Whey based milk replacer contains higher levels of amino acids and immunoglobulins which are naturally found in cow’s milk compared to skim due to lower heat treatment when being processed

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein 25%, Oil 21%, Ash 6%, Crude Fibre 0.0%, Moisture 5%, Calcium 1%, Sodium 0.5%, Phosphorous 0.7%


• Higher live weight gains pre and post weaning

• Control of Johnes disease

• Flexibility in feeding times

• Consistency with the mix

• Improved overall health of the calf

• Fast growth and development of immune system

• Supplies probiotics acting as an intestinal flora barrier

• Accelerates development of the calves skeleton

• Enhanced performance from calves

• Dairy Heifers

• Bucket/teat Feeders

• Automatic Feeders

• Ad-lib

• Easy to mix