Stockman’s Edge

STOCKMAN’S EDGE 2023 –¬†The Superior Grass Seed

Grass has been a core part of Agway’s business from the beginning.

Recognising the unique way in which Irish grassland is utilised, as well as making up the most cost-effective part of the rumen diets is the basis of our products.

Stockman’s Edge has the advantage of including high quality 5 star grass varieties in the mixtures to maximise the grazing potential and animal performance from your pasture.

Our Grass Mixtures include:


Long term mixture for grazing and silage

  • Contains Nashota & Xenon – 5* Grazing varieties on Teagasc PPI
  • High leaf to stem ratio mixture for high quality palatable grazing
  • High Tetraploid content using dense tetraploids to ensure a closed sward
  • Contains Timothy which contributes to early spring growth, is an indicator of soil fertility and helps to keep crops from lodging


Outstanding Silage Mixture

  • Contains a wider heading date spread than mainstream silage mixtures
  • Greater flexibility with cutting dates and ensuring on average higher silage quality over the lifetime of the ley¬†
  • Suitable for two silage cuts and quality grazing
  • The inclusion of Timothy helps to keep crops from lodging
  • Excellent early spring growth with Nashota and along with Anurad gives excellent quality and gradability¬†


Long term permanent pasture, for cutting and grazing

  • The ideal combination of annual yields and silage yields
  • Very palatable Tetraploids doing well in Teagasc grazing trials
  • Will produce a dense sward for longevity