Grass Seed

Permanent Pasture Mixtures

Profitability and Persistence

Each one of the MoreGrass mixtures is tailored to suit farmer´s individual needs and is especially designed for Irish conditions. MoreGrass only uses the highest quality cultivars available, chosen for persistence, disease resistance, yield and digestibility. The success of MoreGrass is the outstanding selection
of cultivars, of worldwide research and development in grass genetics, all to satisfy the specific needs of the Irish farming industry.

MoreGrass Coated Seed

Advantages of seed coating technology

  • Protection: the coating preserves and protects the seed until the appropriate moisture level is reached
  • Improved establishment: higher germination and establishment rates due to improved soil contact
  • Yield improvement: early and secure establishment of the seedling minimizes losses due to climate conditions
  • Cost efficiency: coated seed can easily be applied with a fertilizer or a slug pallet spreader, no stiching machinery required

How to use:

The benefits of coated seeds are the enhanced soil contact and the application of nutritious elements to secure improved germination of the seed. It is ideal for sowing by broad-casting with a fertilizer spreader, seed barrow or the slugg pallet applicator (for grazing land it is advised to harrow before overseeding,
chain harrowing opens the sward for the introduction of the coated seed). Overseeding with coated seed can be done more or less at any time between March and October. Ideal opportunities for overseeding are periods after intensive grazing or after silage cutting.