Beef Feeds

Our range of Beef feeds cater for the nutritional needs of beef cattle from weanlings to finishing and includes specialised bull beef concentrates suitable for intensive feeding.

Our Weanling feed  is designed for young stock from 6-15 months of age. It is suitable for suckler weanlings prior to sale or for their first winter indoors on silage. Dairy beef stock will also thrive particularly well on this nutritious feed. Protein level can be varied from 16-18% to cater for forage quality, weight gain targets and stock type.

Store Cattle – Producers wishing to maximise weight gain at grass can use this nutritious feed to supplement their grass or winter fodder supplies and maintain winter weight gain. This 14% protein feed will assist in having stock at target weight for turn-out to grass and for suckler cows in good body condition at calving. Cereals and nutritious by-products combined with adequate mineral levels deliver a correct balance of nutrients.  BeefMax Store Cattle Concentrate Feed is an economical, high quality textured feed designed for the growth and development of young bulls and heifers, or to maintain body condition in mature breeding stock. This feed is balanced with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and energy to ensure normal growth, fertility and health.

Supreme Finisher – Producers wishing to maximise weight gain and carcass characteristics during the finishing period require high energy and medium protein as a supplement to a forage diet. This 14% protein feed contains our best high energy ingredients and rumen stabilisers to enable continuous thriving throughout the finishing period.

Bull Power -With the requirement to finish young bulls at an early age, animal performance during the important finishing period must be maximised in terms of feed quality, feed access, housing environment and animal health. This high energy feed is formulated to deliver high levels of performance and will supplement the low levels of forage used in the system. Crude protein is set at 12% and full minerals and vitamins are supplied to maintain growth rates.

Intensive Beef Power -Beef finishers wishing to minimize the finishing period with mature cattle or cull cows will find an excellent response to this high energy feed with a balance of energy, fibre and protein which combines well with a minimum of fodder roughage in the overall diet. Crude protein is 12% and high energy levels should deliver the performance required.